About the Blog

Hi! We’re JMad and TheConnMan–we’re just two home-automation-enthusiast-wannabes/DIY-try-hards trying to make things work pretty decently. Neither one of us has degrees in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, so we Google a lot and will try to share all of our findings with you as we go along. Our projects are never super perf, but they’re pretty dece. We hope you enjoy reading about them and maybe trying them out for yourself!

About Us


JMad has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Theatre Studies (spelled the fancy way). She enjoys tinkering with electronics and frying the occasional transistor. She also dabbles in amateur carpentry and graphic creation. She is the creator and upkeeper of the Pretty Dece blog.


TheConnMan is an open source software aficianado. He has a degree in Physics and Math with minors in Management Science and Economics. He hacks on all the software that's not Arduino-related for our projects and solves fun issues like how to make the logo bubble float under the blog title. Check out his blog at theconnman.com.